Winter is coming, and with winter comes unexpected weather pattersn and more time spent in the home.  Both can lead to an increase in accidents, and accidents for you or your children can lead to time off work or loss of income.  

Outside Risks
Its not only the obvious factors of slips, trips and falls and the onset of flu season that are common challenges during the winter months. Asthma sufferers are at risk of attacks due to the cold damp air. Cold weather also causes an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and arthritis can become more painful during cold spells.

Accidents at home
Unfortunately, accidents are most likely to happen at home. It is therefore important to be aware of potential risks to avoid unnecessary incidents. Falling is the most common cause of injury. Removing any potential trip hazards, especially on the stairs, and supervising your youngsters if they're climbing on furniture or playing in the house can help lessen the risk.

Covering your bills
Injuring yourself at home or while out and about could lead to you being off work and not earning an income. This is where an Accident Protection policy will help as it provides a lump sum which could be used to help take care of the bills while you're off work, taking care of yourself or your loved ones. If you'd like the peace of mind that you will be covered in the event of an accident this winter, or indeed at any time of the year, it's wise to give some thought as to how best to protect yourself.

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