There are a range of housing options currently available in Northern Ireland. Buying and renting are the two main ones. There are pros and cons with each of these allowing you to choose which suits you best.


What are my housing options?

  • Home Ownership
  • Private Rent


Home Ownership

Buying your own home is a way to invest and accumulate wealth for your future.

It gives you the freedom to create the home that you want with the added security that it is your home.

Consider the different pros and cons below.

Private Rent

This is when you rent a home from a private landlord.

Rent is usually charged at the market rate and it is likely that your landlord will require a rental deposit. You will have to sign a Tenancy Agreement and keep to the conditions of that agreement.

Your landlord must protect your rental deposit in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme. You should also check that your landlord is registered with the Landlord Registration Scheme.

Consider the different pros and cons below.